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    Ultrasoundwave wrote:
    The majority of the guys in this thread who own the console are very happy with it, myself included.
    I own one. I see a lot of potential in it, and I know I'd only have caved when the bigger titles are eventually announced anyway, so I thought I'd get one early and play Rayman Legends whilst there was no other hardware competition being released. Won't stop me ranting though.

    Battery is awful, it's too peripheral-tastic (feels like I've reintroduced wires back into my room). The Wiimotes should have been relaunched with proper rechargeable battery packs with a USB connector just like the Pro controller, instead of literally repackaging the Wii ones, and having to look for non-conductive 3rd party battery support, meaning I have to take up 3 power points for 1 system. I have a lot of devices in my room that I actively use, not just game consoles, so for me this is an unacceptable amount. Quicker OS wouldn't hurt, but I'm patient so it's not a big deal for me.

    That being said, I love NSMBU (even if it is inexcusable that that you can't use the pro controller on it, or you can't use the game-pad for true-multi-player, as it is locked to boost mode). It's a wonderful game, and I'm still going at the challenges even now.

    Sonic All-stars has made me realise that, for as long as the multi-platform games are on equal performance footing, I'll buy them on the Wii U without a shadow of a doubt. Because I like playing stuff in bed and lying down on the sofa.

    It's a great system, I rant because I expect a certain standard. And I can see them nailing it with 1st party games. It will inevitably draw even the hesitant gamers in (just like the 3DS will now with Pokemon X and Y).
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