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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    Some of my best friends love Nintendo :D

    However, the handheld update schedule made Apple look like cathedral builders and the Wii stopped convincing round about the point that people started pointing to Excite truck as proof that it could cut it against the 360 and the PS3.

    I've only ever owned Nintendo consoles and the Wii killed it. Dead. The WiiU is more of the same but without Nintendo support, which honestly chaps should be a bit of a red flag.
    Exactly this. I've owned a NES, a SNES, Gameboy, N64, GBA, DS, GameCube. loved them all. Had the playstations as well but was always a big Nintendo fan. I grew up on Nintendo. When the wii was announced I had a countdown clock on my PC at work. I preordered the console and four games (which I never normally do) I bunked off work early and set it all up and...I liked it for a while. I enjoyed Zelda and Mario and wii sports and then...nothing. Played some virtual console. Ended up buying shit like mario soccer or whatever it's called for 40. Then my wife bought me a playstation and I may as well have thrown the wii in the bin. Nintendo obviously didn't care about people like me. They were going after the aged and mothers, fair enough but I knew then I'd never buy another Nintendo console. Skyword sword was the final straw and I'm the OP in that thread.

    An aside from all that the wii u is clearly going to be a disaster. It looks like shit, it has a pointless gimmick as a USP, it has no support, it's expensive. It'll be dead and buried in two years time. Mark my words.
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