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    It's just a case of waiting till there's more decent software on it for me. I had one on pre-order and was ready for a day 1 release. Yet something stopped me about a week before launch.

    The reason I pre-ordered it was the announcement of Bayonetta 2. I'll end up waiting for that and by that time, there should be a lot more titles available.

    From what I've seen and read, it looks pretty decent. There's just not enough. Ports I'm not interested in as I've got a PS3/360. It'll be the Wii U exclusives but it needs a lot more.

    Looking from then recent comments and people talking about games on the Wii that they are playing on Wii U (no matter how good) emphasises that there's just not enough out there at the moment.

    Nintendo need to announce some more games pretty soon. When it does though, much as though it'll be great for current owners, I think the new consoles from Sony and MS will totally blow it away.

    Yes, I know gameplay in king etc. but you want to have a machine that can

    a) have the capacity to handle new gaming innovations technically
    b) have the support
    c) have the games

    Although the Wii U has a) the fact it still uses/needs old waggle hardware puts me right off. I hated it on the Wii and that's another thing that puts me right off.
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