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    Still enjoying my Wii U. Sure the price could have been better but then again my 360 was a 600 bundle/ launch day impulse purchase and my PS3 was bought at 500 near launch lol
    In terms of fun I've had with the launch line up it's so far beating other recent console launches (maybe tied with the Vita).
    Have NSMBU, Nintendoland, ZombiU and got Sonic yesterday (For the kids, except they've just discovered Happy Action Theatre Kinect and are currently running around the room popping invisible balloons!). Also picked up Little Inferno yesterday - if you dont have this you owe it to yourself to play it, it is excellent! Quite short, finished the 'story' after 3 hours but still have about half the combos to find.

    If you can afford it now, or can trade old games like I did then I think the Wii U is a great purchase, if the price drops at least Nintendo have previous in terms of looking after early adopters!
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