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    Look, I'm not saying the Wii U has had an amazing launch. But it's all about software, ultimately. I haven't actually got a Wii U yet, but I know I will one day - when the big hitters come. And I'm sure many will do the same.

    And as for the new machines... They're not going to be cheap at launch, plus software will be expensive to make and take longer to develop. I can be you now a game won't cost less than current Xbox/PS3 ones either.

    I think anyone expecting major new releases on a week-by-week basis from launch is going to be sorely disappointed. Publishers will dip their toes but, as with all launches, it'll take time for a steady stream to form.

    There's also the issue whether anyone but the hardcore will be able to see the value in the upgrade - I think many will find it hard to see the graphical uplift - but that's a whole other issue...

    In short, I don't think that the success of the next Xbox/Playstation is a given. I certainly think they'll do okay, but will that be enough to give publishers the return they need to make more games?

    It's a scary time for everyone.
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