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  • Deleted user 29 January 2013 23:20:48
    Armoured_Bear wrote:
    CrispyXUK wrote:
    Sales seem about the same as previous consoles to me, am I missing something?
    It's slightly below the 360 in the same time period so it's doomed, it's too late for Nintendo to do anything about it.
    Nintendo will be 3rd party soon.

    I think that covers it.
    No. 360 had huge 3rd party support to make it a success, WiiU doesn't. 360 had a constant stream of releases. WiiU doesn't. 360 didn't have a great established brand to build on, WiiU did.

    Sales are worse than a console that had the stigma of bring made by Microsoft, that had few decent releases at the start and the WiiU has 2-3 major competitors on the way to make it irrelevant in terms of specs. 2 months in and it already has nothing at all to offer other than 1st party Nintendo games at some point in the future (TBD), none of which are going to excite people that have been playing then for the last 20 years.

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