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    nickthegun wrote:
    Cappy wrote:
    Okay, 100% laser focus on the Wii U.

    Upcoming European releases

    02/15 Dream Pinball 3D II
    03/22 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    03/22 Need for Speed: Most Wanted
    03/22 The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
    03/28 LEGO City Undercover
    03/29 The Croods: Prehistoric Party!
    04/19 Injustice: Gods Among Us
    05/24 Resident Evil: Revelations

    Plus probably Alien: Colonial Marines at some point.
    So.... just to make sure we are all on the same page, its going to be at least six months between release and the next first party nintendo game?
    Pikmin 3 and Game & Wario should be out at somepoint soon. Also Wii Fit U but I think we can leave that one out.
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