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    Armoured_Bear wrote:

    I don't actually give much of a shit about 3rd party ports, I have a high end PC in my living room for that. I'll have a WiiU for Nintendo games and any exclusives that are good enough.
    Too scared to even get involved in this thread in general, but this sums up my gaming life as well. There very few, if any, exclusives on MS or Sony consoles that interest me in the slightest. For cross-platform releases, my gaming PC will always be superior to any console. That leaves Nintendo, who continue to produce some of the greatest games of all time, and there's only one console I'm going to be able to play them on.

    I'm more than happy to spend 300 on a console if it means I can play the next 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda etc., whereas I would never bother spending that much money on a MS or Sony console again (I have a 360 and PS3 still) for the (in my opinion) mediocre level of exclusives they offer.
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