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    AdamAsunder wrote:

    I've only played the first two levels so far but those levels have more creativity and charm than that whole Sony conference.

    "Charm" is possibly the key word that defines console gaming, and what kind of gamer you are, these days. If you like being charmed, you like Nintendo consoles / games. If you don't care for charm, you prefer Sony / MS consoles. I was chatting to my older bro yesterday about this, we grew up on Speccy > MasterSystem > MegaDrive + SNES, all with our fave games oozing with charm and magic. We still care far more for games which create a sense of magic / fairytale / charm / another world even into our 30s, and these are the kind of games which Nintendo do best. I can see how younger gamesr, who grew up on PS2 / Xbox onwards, are probably far more interested now in photo realism, realistic settings, and powerful machines, because that's what shaped their early gaming years.

    Seems to me as though charm and creativity is with Nitendo + indie devs, and continuous progression into more and more realistic games is with Sony / MS and their dev chums. I'm not saying one is better than the other.
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