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  • Deleted user 25 February 2013 20:48:35
    The premium has the little things that add value too. The charging cradle and stand are useful to have although the console stand feels a little pointless. The premium money back scheme isn't as advertised though. It's not 10% back at all. You get 8 pts to the pound, every 500pts is then redeemable for 5 eshop credit. That works out as 8% back as far as my admittedly poor maths can work out.

    Mario WiiU is not up there with World but it's still a damn good platformer. I'm currently trying to get all the star coins and unlock all of star road, it's no push over for full completion.

    CODs only real problem is lack of numbers online. Unless you want to play deathmatch or dominion you'll find it hard to get a game. It's great on dual screen multiplayer though and it supports all of the WiiUs peripherals. I'm frankly amazed at how smooth the game is streaming two separate pictures with only a small hit to the graphics. It's this kind of thing I want to see more of.

    Nintendoland does a great job of selling the pad. Controls are perfect for tablet and wiimote in my opinion. The game is a little slight taken overall but almost everything is fun with the likes of Zelda and Metroid having some real meat.
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