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    What exactly had Nintendo revealed nine months before their console launched? A demo that their final hardware seems incapable of replicating in an actual game. So nothing then. Are people expecting PS4 software to be no further along by the time it launches?

    Why not proclaim Nintendo's empty promises as bullshit? Their console has already launched and you can't deny the reality.

    Pikmin 3. Bayonetta 2. Wonderful 101. No release dates. All bullshit announced to keep the feeble minded hanging on. Nintendo always keeps it's old tricks on standby, a lack of games doesn't matter when you can keep people hoping by saying nothing at all and suggesting you've got something fabulous hidden behind the curtain, just you wait and see! New Super Mario Brothers 2 Wii U. Lucky you!

    Don't believe me? How many times have people already construed Nintendo's silence as practically confirming a new Zelda and 3D mario for Christmas? F-Zero Wii U is on the way friends! Nintendo said nothing! That surely means release is imminent.

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