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    I think there is some good evidence pointing out that the public not fully knowing know there is a new console out there.

    I brought a Wii U last week and love it as do my kids but the two things that stick out for me are a) My local Asda don't sell the Wii U and or any games for it. Tesco do but only a small section, is this general for all Asda's B) A lot of stores are just putting in with their Wii stuff. For your average Joe Bloggs who doesn't read game mags and go on websites they might not have a clue there is even a new one out there. C) This is backed by the amount of friends and family whom I have spoken to and said 'I got a Wii U' and the common response it, 'What's that, just the Wii?'

    All these things add up, a real big title could push it back in favour as I really love the machine. I fully trust Nintendo to pull it out the bag. Just look at the 3DS, that had very average first year and it has some great games now!!!
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