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    @darkmorgado - Yeah it is a Revelations port for the Wii. Looks promising as I thought it was a decent 3DS game tbh.

    Going back to the Wii U, I know the sales have not been amazing but are we guilty of comparing them to the Wii sales? Lets be honest that flew like shit off a shovel and I don't think a console will ever reach those heights again. The 360 sold well at launch but this was before the world turned to shit and people had money. The PS3 started piss poor and picked up later so it really is not all bad. The Wii U has launched at a tough time when people have very little cash, maybe it has done as well as can be expected against the 360, PS3 & even the Wii with years of games behind them and are now at competitive prices dropping all the time. I am pretty sure when the PS4 & new Xbox launch you will see nothing like the previous sales early on they have met and by that time the Wii U will be a year old and should, all going well, have a pretty decent games range and be around 80 cheaper.... I also think in many ways relating to previous posts the Wii U has an advantage in the sense that it is very much just a games console, the PS4 & Xbox are clearly going down very different roads, as earlier posts have highlighted almost going into PC territory with consoles linked to social websites etc where as Nintendo, whether you like it or not have kept things very simple and had essentially made just a games console.

    Time will tell!!!
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