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    captainrentboy wrote:
    beastmaster wrote:
    In terms of publicity. I was waslking past Game in the Trafford Centre last night. It had a rather large placard with

    "Playstation PHWWOOAARR!"

    Didn't see anything like that for the Wii U.
    There was for a bit, problem was no-one gave a shit :/ There's only so long you can give advertising space to something that's attracting very little interest.
    The PS4, and what very little we know about it, has already got more deposits and interest in my store than the Wii U ever managed.
    What I don't understand is ignoring what Nintendo, Sony or MS do in terms of advertising/promotion why don't stores do more on their own to stimulate interest. Back in the day the old independent stores would have a console plugged in that you could try any game on, not just a demo. Let people have a decent go on Nintendoland and I guarantee you'll get a few sales.

    If it was my store I'd be working my butt off to explain to people what the Wii U is and why it's such a great wee console :)
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