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    I only bought one for whenever Zelda, Mario and Mario Kart come out (and a few select others). I was hoping that decent games might come out in the meantime, but that's not exactly happened. If I hadn't managed to get one through the Amazon 169.99 Premium pricing error, I would have flogged it by now. As it is, I haven't touched it since I gave up on Sonic racing as there was never anyone online to play against.

    It is dawning on me that I only care about Nintendo games, rather than Nintendo consoles. Of course historically they go hand in hand, but I genuinely would not be upset if Nintendo ditched consoles and just went multi-platform with their games (or even partnered up with someone new who took care of the hardware side of things... Valve + Nintendo!).

    It is depressing. I am a huge Nintendo fan, but the WiiU is (currently) a disaster. I fear only big price-cuts and a complete "let's pretend the first launch didn't happen" relaunch with Mario, Mario Kart and / or Zelda can save it.
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