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  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 23:18:04
    Is pikmin 3 still out in May? Was just thinking once that's out and resi revelations then to be honest the Wii U hasn't got that bad of a line up in its first 6 months.

    Its all down to what games you like at the end of the day. For what its worth only lego and pikmin appeal to me though. I'd struggle to justify paying around 40 for most wanted when I can get other versions for a third of that price. Resi I'd wait for a price drop as I've finished the 3DS version twice.
    Monster Hunter is a great game (from what I've played of Tri) but its too big a game for me.

    But from a neutral point of view

    Lego City
    Most Wanted
    Monster Hunter
    Resi Revelations
    Pikmin 3

    Ok the last 2 havent been reviewed yet but to me that's not a bad list in its first 6 months. I remember waiting around 8 months for the 360 and ps3 to release games I wanted.

    Again its all personal taste. As popular Lego is I can see why people don't see the appeal. Most wanted has more than likely been played by Wii U owners who own multiple systems. Monster Hunter is an acquired taste.

    I'm rambling now. Its all subjective anyway. Lol
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