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    I think another issue regarding the Wii U is Nintendo are in many ways a victim of their success. When the Wii was released devs were a bit 'meh'. The Wii then started selling like nothing before and devs wanted to jump on board, only problem was by this point the Wii was now a party machine and selling so many cheap 1st & 2nd party games the big devs pulled away knowing it wasn't the place to sell AAA titles.

    Maybe now that Nintendo want to go back down the serious route and have more 3rd party titles the 3rd party devs are still a bit pissed off about the fact that they couldn't join in the Wii gravy train.

    And another point is the Wii as far as I recall was by far the biggest selling platform of the last generation (e,g 360, PS3 & Wii), made at a small cost and not expecting much this made Nintendo Billions. It still sells well today so this gives me hope that Nintendo do have the financial muscle to keep with the Wii U and not 'Take it behind the barn' and do the right thing.
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