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  • Deleted user 21 March 2013 21:50:23
    King_Edward wrote:
    It can't compete for all the physics, graphics, lightings and what nots, but frankly I don't care. Anyone willing to spend the money to produce a "next gen experience" seems totally unwilling to risk it on anything but the most mind numbingly "safe" ideas.

    The Wii U may not provide the power, but hopefully it will provide the freedom to experiment.
    Also they are not breaking the bank doing what they are doing. Im not sure how sony are still funding there consoles (Glad they are though).

    Also im not convinced next gen is going to sell gangbusters. Lead up to xmas yes, but next feb and march i think we be having the same arguments and stories about, def, one of the other two.

    Also i expect the wii U to have down ports for a couple of years yet - i.e the likes of watch dogs etc on cross generation as

    I don't think nintendo are as fucked as some are proclaiming, console gaming has a difficult uphill battle at the moment, and it may be nintendo safe hand that helps them again, especially if economic conditions remain the same.
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