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    It really depends on whether Wii sports and motion control, plus the entire Wii >title< line of releases were the main drivers behind Wii adoption.

    It that's the case, Nintendo have a serious problem, the pad combined combined with Nintendo Land isn't striking the same chord. Nintendo already played the New Super Mario Brothers ace, it seems to be one of those games that sells to an established audience rather than driving console adoption itself, I suspect the same is true of Mario Kart.

    The other line of attack is to impress, that's always been a great way of driving adoption, I don't think the Wii U can manage it though, there are now no shortage of gamers sick of games being stuck at the PS3 and 360 level. Nintendo offering another five years of the same isn't going to impress many.

    The Gamecube is an illustration of how well the usual Nintendo releases drive console sales by themselves, so it's all on that pad and Nintendo coming up with some gaming application that catches the public imagination.
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