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    As a lot of people have pointed out, E3 will be key. If Nintendo don't have anything decent to show there, it'll effectively be an admission that the console is not going to be around for long.
    It won't be; at least as far as this long-running argument in this forum is concerned. It will be the usual mixed bag of fan favourite teaser videos, one or two developed titles, and the usual humdrum stuff. The usual people will say it's crap and it's doomed. The usual people will say stuff looks good and shows 'promise'.
    I'm talking in terms of whether Nintendo will genuinely turn around and say to everyone "hey guys, the Wii U is clearly crap so we'll be discontinuing it lol." That's never going to happen, so I don't know why phrases like "pulling the plug" are being thrown around.

    What you said will probably happen at E3, but it goes without saying that a lot more will be needed. A new 3D Mario is a given (along with Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2), but they'll need to show a lot more exclusives in order to justify the existence of the console. Otherwise most people just won't care and it will be drowned out under all the PS4/720 talk. In which case it will effectively be dead.

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