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    addyb wrote:
    How long was the Dreamcast out for before Sega announced their departure from the hardware side of things?
    Two years (released in 1999, discontinued in 2001), but Sega were broke and had to kill the Dreamcast before it dragged the whole company down with it. Nintendo can afford to prop up the Wii U for an entire normal console lifecycle if necessary, since they have massive cash reserves and the 3DS is busy printing money.

    Doing so may be smarter in the long run, given nobody (except certain delusional fanboys) would touch a Nintendo home console ever again if they ditched the Wii U, even if it does continue to be a white elephant that they never make any money back from.

    /edit/ Actually a little over two years for the Dreamcast. It came out in November 98 in Japan and was canned in March 01.

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