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    I think that when the library improves it'll be a possible "first" console for kids but with 3rd party support looking scarce it's less likely to work for adults unless they're only really interested in Nintendo games.
    What would you rather buy your kids? A PS4 / 720 where you can keep the console under the tv and let them get their grubby paws on a controller that costs 30 odd to replace, or a console that has a touchscreen controller that is a foot wide that costs 100 or whatever to replace?
    I don't know of any kids with expensive iPods, iPhones, iPads to play on.
    No, hold on, that's all of them.
    So those kids wouldn't need another tablet? Thanks for pointing that out, it's an even smaller market than I thought!
    If they're happy playing games on a tablet/phone why would they need a PS4 or XBOX720 either?
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