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    vizzini wrote:
    My WiiU has arrived this morning and I feel they need to do a revised model that comes with newer firmware to save their reputation.

    The network stack in the WiiU is no better than the one I fought with in the Nintendo DS phat and Wii. It can't setup a connection to a hidden network without needing more info than setting up an old Dos PC mouse driver on a parallel port. If they just said from the start that it is networking PS2 adapter style then it would have taken 2minutes for me, instead of an hour trying two routers, a guest wireless setup and countless settings other things because the error reporting is like it is from cbbc.

    I set the update going at 12:12 and it is still only a thrid of the way through. No chance of trying the usb HDD option, as it needs the new firmware to use the drive. I do love Nintendo games, but they really are useless at console operating systems.

    Oh well, maybe I get to game later today :(
    I am sure there will be a reason, but would it not of made sense just to "unhide" your network, connect to it then rehide it?
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