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    Its a shame this thread is just full of insults. I originally started to venture in to discuss the positives and negatives of all things Wii U but every day i check its just the same old posts. Shame really. Oh and forgive me as I'm not aware of the whole armoured bear/ecosse hatred thing. I don't think I was an active member when this kicked off.
    This thread is a playground for the anti-Nintendo fans; a group of schoolboy bullies who are so entertained by their own consoles of choice that they spend most of their time here posting derogatory remarks about Nintendo and their fans. Iím convinced the guy who sold his Wii U and bought a 3DSXL; did so to be part of their gang.

    Letís face it; nobody would be daft enough to buy a Wii U to play Wii games on it would they?
    I thought I was pretty clear why I sold my Wii u and got a 3DS. I bought the Wii U expecting a slow launch with some good games after a while. However it is now 6 months since release and not a single game has been released post launch day that is worth buying. (I agree Lego looks okay, but not my cup of tea.) I was expecting to catch up on some wii games in teh 3 or 4 months I was expecting before some games started rolling off the production line. Instead it's got inferior ports at higher prices and the games I was excited for dissappeared or went multi plat.

    I pretty much like all gaming, I have a Mac, PC, iPad, Android Tab, Ds, 3Ds, 360, PS3, Android Phone, 100+ board games, Speccy, Amiga and generally find games fun. I got annoyed not because I was upset that my fanboyism towards my console of choice (which is all of them) was threatened and need to join a club, but rather that the wii u provides an inferior experience to literally everything else in my collection and is a waste of money as it stands. If nintendo do prove me wrongs and actually do support the console I may rebuy in 3 years and have fun. As it stands though, currently it is an appalling waste of money. (For me, IMHO, opinions vary etc etc etc.)
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