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    One thing that I think would help Nintendo, once more, is seeking out more second-party developers again; whilst they probably feel that they eventually got their fingers burnt, with the likes of Silicon Knights and Rare, in their heydays the output of these development teams is what helped build Nintendo's reputation in the West. They need to bring some diversity into their product line-up, so a multi-pronged approach would help: pick up some indie teams to make some "quickly" developed downloadable titles, and then do bundles of games on physical disc every so often; meanwhile, search out growing developers with some different ideas/approaches, get them to commit to doing something more significant with 12-18 month deadlines and nurture them through 2 or 3 games developed purely for Nintendo. Instil in them some of Nintendo's ethos and ideals, but don't get them doing "Nintendo games" as that what your first parties are for; at the same time, don't lock them in, let them move on after they've created the games you committed them to, but make sure you've recruited their replacements beforehand.

    Essentially, mix up your output, but also spread your message.

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