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    CharlieStCloud wrote:
    Yet another DOOM AND GLOOM article on the front page.

    ... which I personally think is slightly pointless and too early.


    Well, E3 is soon approaching, the interest in the Wii U (after the poor Xbox TV TV TV showing) has gone up a little bit and the fact that Nintendo may knock out a Wii U bundle with Mario Kart or 3D Mario for 199 for Christmas. Plenty of variables to keep them in the 'console race' at present.

    Hmm, whatever gets them the hits I suppose.

    p.s. Nintendo Life is my favourite website of the month.

    The comments within the articles about Xbox One are verging on being truly unbelievable to the point that you do not know whether to laugh or worry about how serious some of the folks on there are being.
    Erm... A lot of what you just said is in the content of the article on the front page. It's also not exactly a doom and gloom article.
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