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    INSOMANiAC wrote:
    @Tekkirai to my mind it shows the whole thing up for the ridiculous concept it is. You've got a game running in glorious HD on a massive screen in front of you and you're being forced to play on a cheap washed out screen??

    I can appreciate the screen may offer some useful multiplayer shenanigans (that only Nintendo will ever utilise) but for single player games it's pointless just like smart glass. Nobody even uses the 3ds second screen anymore unless its for a map. Not even Nintendo.

    Ok, there's professor Layton.
    Yeah it's not that useful. Though I do like it when for instance someone else occupies to the TV so to speak. Though the Vita with a PS4 is better for that I imagine, since the screen quality is friggin sublime. But it has a steep pricetag. But yeah, Wii U has a Fisher Price tablet, not much else to say about it.
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