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    jimlufc wrote:
    Why would anyone be 'thankful' to see a console disappear? There are very sad people on games forums.

    I don't get gaming and its obsession with 'winning the console war'. Nintendo have proved on multiple occasions that it is possible to release a profitable console that people enjoy playing without 'winning the war'.
    Trying to "win" console wars in a forum is truly moronic, it amazes me. For example, if we get high quality new Mario Kart, Mario 3D, Zelda games on the Wii U, I will consider it 100% success as a console for me personally. They are the sole reason I purchased it, anything else is a nice bonus, and I'm happy to spend s just to play those games. So, do I win the console war in that case? Or do I still lose but with dignity? Or are we all losers for posting on a game forum?
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