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    Aargh. wrote:
    They're similar but they'll both sell very well, the Wii U has already died and we won't see another Nintendo console for at least 3 years.

    By your argument all console manufacturers should stop and we should only have PCs available.
    I think both the PS4 and Xbone will sell well initially; but I wouldn't be surprised if they suffer a similar slowdown in sales like the Wii U has. I think console sales across the board next generation will be 50% lower than the current gen. Microsoft will win “Console wars” with an install base of around 60 million; Sony will be runner up with 40 million units and Nintendo will be lagging behind with 25 to 30 million units.

    I’m not suggesting that all console manufacturers should cease production and we all should only use PC’s for gaming. I did quote “Trip Hawkins dream” the man behind the 3D0; who believed 1 console manufactured by licence, by a multiple companies was the way forward.

    A console jointly designed by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony manufactured by Panasonic, Phillips, Samsung etc. would be brilliant in theory. Only having to buy 1 console to enjoy every exclusive franchise would be perfect. Sadly at least 1 of the console manufactures doesn’t want a share of the video games market cake; they want it all.
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