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    My fandom of Nintendo is about 95% the games and 5% the hardware... this probably stems from me being a Mastersystem and Megadrive kid growing up :D I would not have a problem with Nintendo games going cross-platform *if* the quality remained at the current level, the problem is that's a big "if". I actually agree with that Livingstone bloke in that a large majority of young gamers are not going to experience Nintendo games unless the Wii U performs some remarkable turnaround, which in all honesty is a massive shame. Cross-platform Nintendo games could be phenomenally successful.

    Anyway, I don't think that's ever going to happen, at least not for a number of generations as the Wii billions keep Ninty running. Just looking forward to e3 now, it's going to be fun watching either the trolls or the fanboys putting a massive spin on the Nintendo news, depending on how it goes. Just hoping to see some great 1st party games lined up for this year.
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