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  • Deleted user 8 August 2013 18:31:44
    Raiko101 wrote:
    It doesn't have to be either. We just need folk to refrain from baiting and abusing. A nice change of record would be nice, though. We've all contributed to the big debate on whether or not the Wii U is yet a failure and whether it's worth owning one. Nobody has managed to change anybody else's opinions on the matter, so why don't we all just move on?
    Before buying the console, I went from thinking the WiiU was a terrible console after trying a friend's, had my mind changed and bought one. Had a few bouts of buyer's remorse, beat a few games on the system and am now pleased I own one; having got that initial pain out the way.

    Does that count as someone's mind was changed?

    I do quite like my wiiu now, and might play some pikmin 3 later.
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