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    Pinky_Floyd wrote:
    Some portions of t'net are having a right old moan over WWHD being full price. I didnt have a 3ds at the time, did the Ocarina update also draw this much ire? EG also gave that a 10.

    Perhaps once WW is dusted I should revisit Ocarina after what, 13 odd years? See if its as good as I remember and check out the 3D.
    To be honest, I wasn't entirely happy with Ocarina 3DS being full-price either, but it was justified because technically it was massively improved over the N64 original. Plus it was on a handheld and, at the time, a great showcase for the 3D.

    With WWHD, I'm not so sure. The original still looks great and never had any frame-rate issues. Not that an HD update isn't welcome, it does look spectacular, but full-price for remake of a 10-year old game is a bit cheeky really. And that 50 eShop price is just bonkers.

    Then again, I guess it was the same with Halo Anniversary - was that a full-price release?
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