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    Ka-blamo wrote:
    megastar wrote:
    you go in one room and they say "it's SHIT, I'll give you 50p for it or you can FUCK off"

    Then in another room it's like "fucking love it - heres a million quid"
    I was thinking that, If they are all professional dealers....then how can their estimates be so far off of one another? fair enough if they don't personally like something but that doesn't change how much they can sell it for.
    A lot of these dealers rely on networks rather than an open market where they could all get the same selling price. If it isn't their type of thing that means its not just against their personal taste but also not their market. They need to know a customer or at least another dealer to sell it to. I bet they use auctions as a last resort.

    There is an element of showmanship for the camera's too - rolling the dice or just being a bit of vamp etc is as much about getting kept on next series as anything else. They have to have their affectations.

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