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    It was terrible at the expo. Awful lag, it got confused with different gestures, and "that" moment when Molyneux was told that, despite being designed with wheelchair users in mind, it dooesn't recognise people in wheelchairs.

    Still, the OH liked it and is excited because he had dispatch confirmation from Shopto this morning. So fair play if he enjoys it.

    Hmm. The CVG review seems to chime with my experience at the expo:

    With a controller, this could have been the mother of all Fable games, big and beautiful and open. Without a controller, the game's afraid to let you off the track. Difficulty never comes from challenging enemy formations or new attack patterns to learn, but in struggling against the control system itself. Longevity's not from substance (new missions to do and people to meet), but through experiencing existing content (horse riding), just more slowly.
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