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    I was blown away after buying this game a month ago. It was just about after I finished ME3 and I was confused about what a proper bad ending is supposed to look like.

    The music, narration and art really set it apart, despite its indie roots. It's a game about regret, flickers of hope and forlorn regret.

    I thought the combat was bland at first, and it is, but the game soon made it up by giving me a dozen different weapons and 6 ways each to mod it. The moment I was bored of Hack'and'Slash, I simply switched payload and tried again.

    But this isn't about the combat at all. At least it isn't for me. This is one of the most gorgeous stories ever told in just the right way, through just the right game and medium.

    After two playthroughs I'm done playing it, but I still remember it fondly. About how it all ended and all the heartstrings the game pulled. That's the hallmark of a classic in my book.

    Bought the soundtrack too, after catching myself replaying it to death on youtube.
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