#7559559, By KingOfTheC 3D Is Dying! \o/

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    Best film I saw in 3d was Jackass 3d just because the effect (which you wouldn't expect) was so subtle.

    When the camera man was stood amongst everyone stood in a big circle planning the next stunt, it really felt like I was stood in that circle.

    I think this has to be the key for 3d, the subtlety of it, as anything (like the little firelights falling through the trees on avatar) is pretty cool as a sort of 3d tech demo, but just ends up giving the effect a gimmicky feel for me.

    I'm not really bothered either way to be honest, it's quite cool to watch 3d films - I wish the cinema 3d glasses would be altered though, they always have a sharp ridge just on the bit you put on your nose - uncomfortable.

    On saying that, I watched the football at a mate's house the other week, and we had 3d on for a few minutes whilst all ten of us swapped the two pairs of glasses about to see what it looked like, then we turned it off. I don't have a point to make from this last paragraph, just thought I'd share.
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