#509065, By Robes Joining Halo 2 games on Live

  • Robes 12 Nov 2004 09:07:12 149 posts
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    Well yes, yes I have played it online otherwise I wouldn't be commenting, would I?

    I'm not having a go at the actual gameplay which is quite fun but I can't be bothered with the 2 - 5 minute wait it takes to find a game, especially when each game is so short lived.

    And even if you end up in a party you still don't have any choice over what game to play unless you either have an accomodating host or you are hosting. I just want to be able to join a certain game type and once I've joined the room I want to be able to stay there after the match has finished and move on to the next map. Personally I reckon that would be a far better implimentation.

    As for being made for people that don't want to make choices, surely Live is perfectly set-up for that already? Quickmatch - Optimatch.

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