#7567917, By KingOfTheC Reviews of some bits of games what I have played today

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    andytheadequate wrote:
    I'm also going to join in. I played the opening 20 minutes of Portal 2 last night (until I got the inevitable motion sickness) and loved it. I actually laughed out loud at the "press A to say yes" bit

    Also, I've never liked Sonic

    I loved that bit, had me actually laughing as well.

    I played some LA Noire the other night - I really want to like it, but I'm having difficulty, it's a bit too stop-and-start for me I think.

    Just got past the first level on Syphon Filter on my Xperia Play too, I'm enjoying it, but signposting in games has got so much better in the last decade or so! Keep losing where I am / where I am supposed to be going!

    Edit - Turns out "Experia" isn't a word...
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