#509312, By Phat-Mackerel Britains 2 Largest Problems

  • Phat-Mackerel 12 Nov 2004 11:50:10 8 posts
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    Zeitgeist wrote:
    I think there is a lack of respect in a law system that sentences someone to jail for 7 years for burning down an empty burger king, then gives 5 years to someone who rapes a 1 year old child.

    Is this a real example or one that you've made up to illustrate a point? I'd be interested to know.

    Zeitgeist wrote:
    A system under which one drug which is poisonous and kills hundreds of thousands of people every single year is legal, but a drug that has never killed anyone ever. Is illegal.

    Whether you think drugs are good or bad, the sheer nonsense of that is outstanding to everyone.

    Couldn't agree more. The drugs legislation in the UK is complete BS. But what are you going to do to sort it out? Damned if I know, and I've actually given it some thought! Honest.

    Zeitgeist wrote:
    Sort out our law books and if need be, take away the power judges have, if they can't be trusted to use sentencing power correctly, then take it away from them and set up rigid guidelines for them to follow. If they are too stupid to realise that raping a child is worse then burning an empty building, then they need to be told.

    Like to know about the arson/rape example but as a general statement of principle, I'd strongly disagree. Judges are very rarely wrong and on the few occasions they are, it's sorted out by a higher court. Putting sentencing decisions in the hands of politicians would be disastrous.
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