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    Did anyone watch this last night? After having a look at the thread showing Texan executee's final statements, this seemed like an equally sombre way to end the day.

    Fascinating program, a quick Google search (which was actually to check how to spell Pratchett's last name) showed that it has been a rather controversial piece of television.

    It was certainly very emotional, and I am very much in two minds over the whole thing - I think the concept of people being able to choose might be a good thing, but I think it would not be something I would choose to do, and I also found it difficult to swallow that Dignitas would allow anyone to have an assisted suicide (ie even people who don't have some kind of degenerative illness or fatal disease).

    I think pretty much showing the whole assisted suicide of someone showed that it is not quite as "dignified" as a name such as dignitas makes out, it didn't look quite like this idea of "you just go to sleep", it looked a lot more distressing than that for the person dying.

    The 42 year old man saying that he loved Zurich, and that he wished he could stay for longer and that he didn't want to go was very hard to watch - it almost felt as though this man now felt that he had no options but to die, which didn't quite seem right.

    The very matter-of-fact way that it is done was so... strange (forgive me, my vocabulary seems to be failing me on this subject!) - it felt very much like "do you want to die now, or would you like another cup of tea first?".

    So yeah, I don't think I'm for or against, but I just know that it was a very powerful program and it affected me - does anyone else have any thoughts on it?
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