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    As KingOfTheC said, the programme did explore alternatives and it was also made clear that his wife does not share Pratchett's views.

    Also, Pratchett's assistant blatantly didn't share his views either, and he was quite outspoken in how strange / selfish he felt some of the things to be - as did Pratchett for that matter (for instance that he found the whole Dignitas thing to have a touch of Nazi about it).

    Whatever the media seems to be portraying it as today, it was not a one-hour advert for assisted suicide.
    Right, I'm not saying it was, I'm saying that putting Pratchett front and centre was like saying 'here's a well loved famous author who wants to die with dignity, he's clearly intelligent and has thought it through, plus he's sold loads of books, so do you think you have the right to tell him otherwise?'...

    This undertone in his inclusion is second only to the fact that it'll draw a higher audience. Cynical.

    You're probably right actually, although I haven't read any of his books, he is someone I have heard of, and I guess that did maybe make me want to watch the program a bit more than I already did (though I mostly watched it because it was "pick of the day" in the tv guide).
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