#7576384, By Rev.StuartCampbell Free-App Hero/CE 2.0 released for iOS

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 15 Jun 2011 15:35:52 367 posts
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    I'd love to do 59p Hero too, but it'd be way too much for one person to handle every day. You should see the whining I get now if I take a Sunday off occasionally, still posting freebie recommendations but without the reviews. I do post price-drop tips on both WoSblog and SavyGamer, though.

    And yeah, FAH is the only human-filtered freebie tracker. All the others are just auto-scrapers, the most any of them do is strip out some stuff according to ratings. (Which means missing out on tons of great games, because they're not well-known enough to have ratings.)
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