#7607199, By delboy83uk Buying an iPhone 4 at this point.

  • delboy83uk 24 Jun 2011 18:16:10 316 posts
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    Buztafen wrote:
    I cold have stared the Galaxy S2 i played with into piece it was that fragile. Plus the ability to record high quality vid but with no mini HDMI out ala LG Optimus? You're having a laugh!

    I'm sorry if your going to slag off something atleast do it in a way that makes sense. I've had my GS2 for two weeks and it's extreamly sturdy. It my not be heavy enough to bludgen somebody to death with it but it's far from fragile.

    The iphone 4 is by no means a crap phone, it is however now about a year old and getting replaced soon. The thought of giving Steve Jobs 600 for a year old phone when there is a new one just around the corner, and phones that are massivley more powerfull for 100 less makes me feel a bit sick.

    IMHO you'd be batshit mental to spend 600 on one.
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