#8710129, By samk Devil May Cry HD Collection

  • samk 19 May 2012 00:19:37 703 posts
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    Got this on PS3. I never played the originals so can't comment on the HD upgrade.

    DMC1 really is absolutely brilliant. So stylish and creative. Worth the entrance fee alone.

    Then I started playing DMC2. God almightly, talk about dropping the ball. Has there ever been a worse sequel to a classic original? DMC2 is like a badly made fan mod. The new linear setting in a city is totally uninspiring and the design & implementation of many enemies is so, so poor. I fail to understand why they changed the likes of the map to something altogether worse, instead of building upon DMC1. I'm playing DMC2 in disbelief, shaking my head at how they could have fucked this up so badly.

    Hopefully DMC3 will be a return to form.
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