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    bad09 wrote:
    Aargh. wrote:
    I assume you're joking @bad

    No I'm serious I'm asking you to show me exactly how Google spy on your personal website browsing (not your searches which obviously they know what keywords or phrases are searched for in what country) for financial gain.

    @ Spekingur
    Tracking your IP is NOT snooping or keeping records of your web activity different things there.
    Edit - and of course certain sites or activities are marked for tracking, file sharing, child porn etc. They don't have you and all your browsing on file.....yet.
    I'm kinda feeding the troll here, but ever heard of a little thing called Google Analytics? How about adword?

    Regardless of what it is, you put a little piece of code into the website that calls home to a Google server so to speak.

    If you don't believe me, try download a Firefox addon called RequestPolicy and check random webpages on whether they call anything. A very large number do, including Eurogamer.net. Everytime you do that, google is capable of register your movements on the web. All the better if you have a named profile with a google service, however even relatively anonymous, it's worth gold to google and it's customers.

    As for Origin, if they had no intentions of finding out what 3rd party software I run, why the fuck put in the EULA?
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