#8006249, By rossb Cubixx HD (PSN)

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    DodgyPast wrote:
    The fact if the code has been claimed it sends you to the download and makes you think you've won is a really shitty way to trick people into installing the trial.

    While I can understand it's a PSN function, not warning people that it's happening makes me feel that the devs are taking advantage of the situation. Especially with many people asking questions and the Twitter feed responding with dishonest answers.

    I was going to purchase it if I didn't win, but think I'll pass now.

    I apologise we were not trying to mislead people. We were actually as confused by the situation as everyone else. The uninstalling and re-entering the code worked for some people but from what I've seen today does not appear to have worked for everyone. It was sugested this morning that this is what happens when the code is taken which made sense to us but looking into it further this is not the case as the codes in question are still working for us.

    Edit. And to make it more confusing some people who should know are still saying that this is what happens when a code is used. Can I just clarify that only one Cubixx HD icon is appearing in you download list as their should be 2 the trial and the unlock.
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