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    DodgyPast wrote:
    evanac wrote:
    Really sorry for any upset caused, but I'd hate for people to think I'm dishonest. I'm just trying to give out some free stuff and build a little love for LJ - for the most part I succeeded I think. Anyone wanna back me up here??
    Apology accepted, and my own for jumping down your throats.

    The easiest way to test what was happening was to chuck in a code that was from a while back ( and therefore definitely would have been claimed ). If you did that it still took you to the download page, on the download page it wasn't marked as a trial, didn't show it was a trial once it was downloaded, but once you installed it was then marked as the trial version.

    Since there didn't seem to be any way to know if you'd won or were being directed to the trial it meant that initially you thought you'd won... until you'd downloaded and installed at which point you'd be disappointed.

    Now imaging doing this 7 or 8 times over the course of the evening and you can begin to imagine why some people would feel a bit miffed.

    No problem. I can understand why people are a bit pissed off. It does seem a very poor way of handling it and I'd imagine our confusion made it worse.

    Al doesn't have a PS3 and I was out playing table tennis but I've actually just thought of doing this and have tried a code which I know was taken by a reviewer. This explains why we were able to download the full game on our account from codes which have this issue as we get both downloads.

    If you're interested I do have one code left I can pass on to you.
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