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    The comparisons to CoD here are just stupid. It plays nothing like CoD, and yes it does handle similarly to BC2 but it's hardly just a reskin.

    Anyway, here are some thoughts to add to what Ron_Justice mentioned earlier, starting with a few of the positives:

    - The graphics are really good, and if the BC2 beta is anything to go by, they'll look vastly superior in the finished game. But even now they blow BC2 out of the water with gorgeous lighting, detailed environments and smooth animation. Yes there are a few glitches and quirks, but I'm sure they'll all be ironed out come release.

    - The destruction is much more detailed and wide-ranging than BC2. Bullets chip away at concrete and other surfaces, you can blow huge craters in the ground and bring down the entire fašades of buildings, sending tonnes of concrete crashing to the ground and exposing anyone inside.

    - Goes almost without saying that the sound is incredible, particularly the shattering of the masonry of the building fašades on the last base.

    - The new traversal mechanic is brilliant, and all but eliminates one of my biggest issues with BC2. Hopefully we've seen the end of spamming jump to try to get up certain hills that look climbable, but aren't.

    - The gunplay is a bit harder than BC2, with quite a lot more recoil. The guns don't just climb any more, they wobble side-to-side making those long-range kills all the more satisfying when you pull one off. There also seems to be less aim-assist than BC2.

    - The new MCOM arm/disarm system is much better and has already led to some epic 'sudden death' moments. The crate will no longer blow mid-disarm, and nor will the game end when the attackers run out of tickets if a crate is armed.

    - The weapon balancing amongst all the classes seems much better, with every class having access to a good selection of short and medium-long range weapons/accessories.

    - The new spotting mechanic is better. Spotted players only stay spotted on your HUD when in your line of sight, but will stay marked on your radar. This all but eliminates the spamming shots at red triangles in the distance that goes on in BC2, whilst still ensuring spotting is a key element in the game. Even if virtually nobody is using it yet, surprise surprise.

    There are a few annoyances though:

    - The Tactical Light really is too much, there's nothing you can do about it when someone's shining it in your face. It's especially silly when two opposing players have it, it just leads to a lot of panicked spray and pray.

    - The Spawn Beacon could do with being a bit more visible, and it apparently will be come release.

    - The delay between pressing deploy to spawn in and actually spawning has led to many deaths before the screen even fades back in; you get notified that you're dead almost while the screen is still black. Seems to be no spawn shield at all.

    - Probably the biggest issue is your health notification. It's great having your health as a % on the HUD, but you really need much better visual notification of how hurt you are. The screen goes a bit red when you first get hurt but then virtually disappears almost straight away, even when you still only have like 10% health left.

    - I too have spawned into rocks, mostly but not exclusively when using the deployable beacon.

    - There's a glitch where you can't ADS sometimes, you need to switch weapons back and forth for it to work again. Seems to apply to sprint too. Will no doubt be fixed come release.

    - The map on the spawn screen sucks. It's very difficult to tell where squadmates are relative to the MCOMS etc., unless they're right next to them. Again, will probably be fixed for release.

    Overall impression is very positive, even more excited now than I was before!
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