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    Doomspoon wrote:
    Ron_Justice wrote:
    A repost of some good points which I've edited out here to avoid a wall of text.

    To add to the list of bad stuff:

    If you're given to stealthier play and pick a nice spot to pick the opposition off from, when your team respawn on you their moving moves your position. I die a lot from being respawned upon.

    Auto equipping of weapon unlocks. Some see this as a positive thing I don't. The AK47 sight unlock is restrictive, yes it has a zoomed in viewpoint but it's obscuring a big chunk of the screen and the marks on the lens are disruptive.

    The first issue has always been a bit of a problem with the squad spawn system, but at least when players spawn on you they spawn in the same position as you, i.e. crouched or prone.

    The auto equipping might be a glitch with that particular gun - the same happened to me, but I'm sure that with other weapons I had to manually equip unlocks.
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