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    joelstinton wrote:
    Themis - What console/pc are you using?

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt - after all you have played the game, i havn't. But especially for the console crowd, judging by the videos, it has been COD'ed it up a bit.

    I think even down to the map choice and the absence of viechles by dice/Ea the beta aim, other than using it test, is to let people experience the game, and what it is about.

    Often in arguments, the main USP of the battlefield series, is its viechles. and large tactical gameplay. Yet there is none in the beta?. For me, then, the nature of the map (its close quarters combat, the apparent corridor esqness of the metro bit etc), and the lack of viechles, tells me, that dice and ea are trying to win over COD players by its gunplay. I just find it utterly bizarre, they would take out its biggest assest. Looking at some videos, from the way some people are playing the game - (fletche video from few pages back)- getting bazooka out, looking for double kills etc- , how fast it is, and the whole levelling up system displayed on screen, its very much a marketing tool to get the COD crowd on board.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm on PS3. Operation Metro is apparently the least Battlefield-y map in the game, but I'm not sure that DICE choosing that map for this beta really signifies anything. They don't need to fool CoD players with an infantry-only map in order to win them over. And even if that is what they're trying to do, so what? Also, for what it's worth I'm not a huge fan of this map either. But I'm not judging the whole game based on that.

    Anyway, BC2 has it's fair share of infantry-only maps, all of which are extremely fast-paced - see Arica Harbour Conquest or Cold War Rush as examples. Both those maps are way more fast-paced than Metro, and they're not the only ones. Faster/no vehicles doesn't mean more like CoD.

    The gunplay is nothing like CoD. There's nowhere near the same level of aim assist for a start. It's very similar to BC2's gunplay, with added prone, more recoil and seemingly reduced aim assist.

    Levelling up was displayed on the screen in BC2 - ranks, unlocks, badges, ribbons - everything. Perhaps because there was less to unlock, it wasn't as noticeable.

    In my opinion, it's not just vehicles that make a BF game, anyway. It's things like the squad spawn, the way the classes interact with each other, the spotting and all the other things that facilitate teamwork. I wouldn't worry just yet, I'm sure this will be a Battlefield experience through and through.
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